Duke's website is as loud as his personality. He knows what he likes and settles for nothing less than the absolute best. As a talented photographer, he has travelled the world skiing some of the best slopes and taking some of the best photos. He is a man of many talents and is always striving to do more.

The Goal

Duke reached out to me with the hopes of building a personal portfolio site to establish his online presence. He wanted a place on the web to call home and use it as a platform to tell stories about his photography and business endeavors.

The Project

We went through several iterations of the design process taking influence from some of his favorite websites. We wanted the the website to be bold and in your face. This led to the strong sans-serif font and the contrasting colors.

We started with an Adobe XD document where we mocked up and prototyped the user flows. We were very casual with our design in the preliminary phases and wanted to dive straight into Webflow to finish building the project. With a rough mockup, we dove head first and completed the site within a couple weeks.

Next Steps

Duke sees his website being a home-base for a bunch of future opportunities and has enlisted my help in the near future in building out even more functionality that makes its users smile.

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