Is My Oyster is a 21st century travel company that is taking full advantage of the digital age as it organizes, coordinates, and executes global, local, and online trips for its dedicated customers. They have a keen sense for adventure and know how to have a good time where ever they go.

The Goal

Is My Oyster brought me on the team to help turn their rough vision into a crisp design. They knew that they needed a website and they needed it fast. Running their business without one was too complicated and it was time for a change.

The Project

Is My Oyster needed a fully responsive and integrated website that met their technical requirements. They needed to be able to conditionally display data depending on what the customer might be looking for. In order to do this we leveraged the conditional CMS feature on Webflow. We set various filters and sorting parameters so that certain information would show depending on the status of a given event.

Wrapping Up

I have always had a passion for travel and exploration, so getting the opportunity to build this website has been a blast.. I look forward to helping Is My Oyster grow their brand in the future to a greater scale.

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