Ravle is a video marketing start up in the travel industry. Ravle works with travel brands to create and distribute content that increases occupancy, fills tours & drives tourism in their destination. They are truly one of a kind.

The Goal

Ravle needed help with design and development. The Ravle team was composed of good friends of mine, so I offered to help out pro bono. I mainly helped with guiding the UX and development. The Ravle team was small so I moved around to different parts of the company to help out many different ways.

The Project

My first major job on the Ravle team was working with one of the co-founders on UI/UX. We had already flushed out most of the preliminary wireframe design, however we still had some unanswered UX questions. In order to refine the user experience, we set up several interviews with different stakeholders and types of users to inform our decision making. We asked them questions about what they were looking for in a Ravle dashboard and how we could improve the current design and user experience. Their feedback helped us refine the dashboard immensely.

My second major task while working with Ravle was to help the development team refine the user dashboard. The dashboard was built in VueJS, so I worked with the team to improve the interface and platform.

Next Steps

Sadly, Ravle has been dissolved as of 2020. The travel industry took a major hit with COVID-19 and many of the team members were looking to pursue other passions. However, the time that I spent working the Ravle team and the things I learned by working along side them will stay with me forever.

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