Charlie Burg is a R&B/indie rock musician from Detroit, Michigan. Charlie has over 1 million followers on Spotify and over 10 million streams on some of his most popular tracks. He is forging a name for himself and this website gives him a platform to do so.

The Goal

Charlie Burg was one of my first web design clients. He is a friend from college and hired me to design, build, and manage his website. Over the past several years, the website has been redesigned several times. Also, I originally hard coded the website with HTML and Bootstrap CSS and deployed it through Github on Nettlify. However, since then I have rebuilt and migrated the website to Webflow in order to consolidate most of my site maintenance to one platform.

The Design

The original website design took influence from Charlie's first EP Three, Fever. The site displays links to merchandise and to all of his scheduled performances. Charlie has always believed more in real life connections and conversation than websites and the internet, so he has no desire at the present time to do anything crazy with his website. He wants to keep it simple and to the point.

The Future

Charlie is rapidly growing a dedicated fanbase and I'm sure with time, him and I will work on building out his website some more.

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Charlie Burg