List of Lists aims to advance the vital work of promoting diverse reading materials by collecting and indexing diversity book lists for adults made by libraries and mainstream media sources.

The Goal

The List of Lists project came to me through a graduate studies program at Syracuse University. The team behind this project had already configured the website and began inputting content in the backend, however they were not familiar with the Wordpress interface and had trouble configuring the website to do exactly what they wanted. So they enlisted my help to assist them with tuning the design of the website and cleaning up the look and feel of the site.

The Project

It was important to remember that the most important part of this website was the content. With that in mind I spent most of my time working to clean up the sidebar on the left side of the screen. Originally, the sidebar was on the right side of the screen and displayed just the toggle list of research categories in a long list. So, I moved the sidebar to the left side of the screen, added a word cloud, and made the research categories into a toggle list. On each category page, I also worked on integrating a breadcrumbs component at the top of the page.

Next Steps

Most of my work with the List of Lists project took place in the back-end WordPress interface. I spent considerable time setting up analytics integrations and making sure that the content was being managed in the best way possible in the back end. Overall, I am grateful to have worked on this project and been involved in such an interesting topic.

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