Nice as Heck is a one of a kind fashion company dedicated to incorporating sustainable practices, fair pricing, and spreading awareness to current global issues. They aim to make a radical difference in the fashion industry in the next several years, so join the ride, your nice life is waiting to be discovered.

The Goal

Since its creation, Nice as Heck has been able to function efficiently with a low budget and low staff. However, the rapid growth in popularity presented new challenges to the company. There was an incredible rise in e-commerce traffic and the Nice as Heck team was looking for an e-commerce solution that was more customizable than their current platform, Wix. They grew tired of the template based design that had been working with and sought a new platform to showcase a cleaner and more minimal design.

The Design

My onboarding into the Nice as Heck team began with the redesigning and rebuilding of the Nice as Heck site on Webflow. I recommended Webflow because it allows for more customization than Wix or Squarespace while also retaining several usability features including the CMS, the Editor, and SEO access. Webflow is one of my favorite web hosting/design platforms, so I was excited to work with the Nice as Heck team to design and build a whole new site.

The old Nice as Heck website also had a minimal and clean vibe, but all the content was centered in the middle third of the page. This made it easily responsive when it came to mobile but sacrificed valuable white space on the left and right of the screen. This is how the old website home page looked:

For the website redesign we drew our inspiration from Madhappy and OnlyNY. Their sites captured the direction we wanted to take the website. We wanted to focus on smaller text and larger media content. Although text size was a concern for accessibility reasons, we decided to air on the side of small text due to our target audience's affinity for small type. In order to address accessibility issue we made sure to put out text in terms of a EM unit instead of PX so that the text will scale with the default font of the user's browser. When in doubt we turned to these two websites to guide our design. Here are the two website homepages:

This was the final homepage design that we produced:

There were several notable challenges with building this design in Webflow. The biggest challenge was the Navigation. The Navigation is one of the most important parts of a website so it was incredible important that we made sure it was responsive and scalable to CMS content as we add and subtract clothing categories and collections over time. Our solution broke the standard Navbar design principles and took inspiration for the Madhappy website to create:

Next Steps

Overall, I am incredibly grateful and humbled to have joined the Nice as Heck team as the Chief Technical Officer. While the company is currently small, it has room to grow and a huge following behind it. I believe in the mission statement of "pursuing your nice life" and I identify with the culture that we have created. With the planned release of several more collections, we are hoping to overhaul the website's design again and add more character, functionality, and animation to the feel of the site.

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