Plot Twist is a satirical entertainment news magazine dedicated to providing humorous pop culture reporting and movie reviews to film buffs and casual viewers alike. They have writers and editors that have all worked at a variety of satirical news websites and have come together to start this new venture together.

The Goal

Plot Twist brought me onto their team as their resident Webflow developer. Their capable graphic designers built a highly detailed and responsive website design and tasked me with bringing it to life. We gave ourselves several weeks to turn the design into a live website and got right to work.

The Project

The special thing about the Plot Twist website was that the design was so on brand. The Plot Twist team did an incredible job of aligning the design with the creative vision for the magazine and the branding guidelines. Therefore, when they handed off the project to me, to begin development, I was able to jump right in with knowledge that I wasn't creating your standard cookie-cutter design.

The most challenging part of the whole build process was definitely making the website responsive. Since the layout followed a newspaper style, we had to make sure that the CSS grid we used adapted for each screen size accordingly and, in turn, rearranged content seamlessly. Here is how we adapted the home page from desktop down to mobile.

My favorite part of the build was developing the individual article pages. I gained such a deep understanding of CSS Grid with this project and I think it shows in the responsiveness of the final product.

Wrapping Up

I have always wanted to build a publication website either for a newspaper or magazine because I always loved the content layouts and overall design. Plot Twist gave me the opportunity to do so and I am extremely grateful. When it comes to Plot Twist, the articles are hysterical, the design is beautiful, and the future is bright. I look forward to helping them with their website in the future.

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