Skyy Network is a company with a unique approach to the growing Drone industry. Drone traffic has the potential to be dense, pilots are not co-located with the drone, and automation brings opportunity only if impeccably managed: if things go wrong, consequences can be dire. Skyy Network is the management platform working to prevent these future disasters. By using decentralized blockchain technology, Skyy Network provides a single set of rules, with full government authority, but the responsibility for applying them is decentralized to government-approved service providers united in a highly secured Network.

The Goal

When Skyy Network approached me seeking my assistance with their front-end application design, I was ecstatic. I was eager to work on a project of this scale and magnitude. I worked with the Skyy Network team to define basic colors, typography, and branding as well as several sources of inspiration and then I jumped right in to the project.

The Design

This was by far the biggest UX/UI project I have ever worked on. I had to define and build all the styles, interactions, and layouts from the ground up by myself. The rest of the Skyy Network team helped me to understand the functions of the application and the use cases behind all the interactions, but the look, feel, and overall design were left to my discretion. With over 50+ Artboards, 100+ Symbols, and thousands of prototyped interactions, this project in Adobe XD was a true test of my design skills. I would love to dive into and explain all the design choices we made during this project to maximize the user experience, but it is likely that the entire design has changed since this was written. As with most startups, the Skyy Network design is fluid and constantly changing to fit the user's and the developer's needs. Although I can't explain all the details of the project, I can show you a snapshot of the scale of the project:

Next Steps

I loved the entire process of turning user requirements into high-fidelity prototyped designs ready for development. I would have liked to spend more time on defining user expectations in the Discovery phase, but we were pressed for time, so I started with the Design phase. I look forward to working with Skyy Network in the future in refining the design and growing the company.

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