Highly Inspired is the product of Ella and Jordan. Two forward thinking individuals who strive to be generalists in their everyday lives. Their podcast seeks to explore a variety of topics and encourage thoughtful conversation that leads to casual, yet profound, dialogue.

The Goal

Highly Inspired was in search of a website that was the perfect balance between minimal and informative. Both Ella and Jordan at the Highly Inspired team are extremely capable designers. So I introduced them to Adobe XD and set them off with basic instructions to build a comprehensive wireframe for both desktop and mobile. After several iterations and guiding them through the process they crafted a unique design that would once again test my Webflow abilities, since that was the platform we decided to go with for development.

The Project

The design that Ella and Jordan assembled contained a variety of creative experimental features. The most creative and ambitious part of the design was the home page. The home page has a box layout with words that flash in the middle of the screen. When a user hovers on a given word, a background gif appears and flashes for as long as the word is on the screen. As soon as the word changes, the background gif changes as long as they user is still hovering on the center of the screen. The custom animation I used to create this effect was a more advanced version of the hover feature I created during the ALTO Visuals project several months earlier.

In addition to the custom animations, I also configured and set up an online store, a blog, and a custom CMS to display their podcasts. Both the podcasts and the blog leverage a CMS filtering system powered by Jetboost.io. I love working with Jetboost + Webflow because the integration process is so simple and the interface is very clean. We designed a rainbow colored Jetboost filter located at the top of the screen. Once a category is clicked, only blog posts/podcasts from that category are displayed in the window.

Wrapping Up

Building the Highly Inspired website was an excellent opportunity to refine my Webflow development skills and work with integrations including Jetboost and Soundcloud in Webflow. The design tested my abilities but was quite doable. Ella, Jordan, and I were all extremely happy with the final product. Now that their website is live and looking good, the Highly Inspired Podcast team can focus on producing better podcast content while secure in the knowledge that their website isn't going anywhere.

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