Andres O'Beirne is a filmmaker based in Seattle & Los Angeles. As one of the co-founders of ALTO Visuals, he has spearheaded many projects that exhibit a high caliber of expertise and professionalism. When he's not making films or taking photos, you can find him in the mountains, both in summer and in winter.

The Goal

After the resounding success with the ALTO Visuals website, Andres reached out to me to help him develop his personal website. He loved the design they created for the ALTO Visuals site and so he chose to repurpose the same design for his own purposes. Andres made an Adobe XD file that had the same typography and styling as the ALTO website except substituted with his personal content.

The Project

Andres' website had a standard sitemap. It had a page for his project, a page for his photography, and an about page. The entire design has a minimal tone focuses on using black and white with accents of lime green. His goal was for every page of his website to be purposeful and content rich. No extraneous features no unnecessary clicking. Simple and to the point. My favorite.

From a development point of view, the project was fairly simple. There are only two CMS collections set up for the projects and the photos. On the photography CMS, each upload item can be tied to multiple photo categories through a multi-reference field, so that each Photo Sub-category is automatically populated with the images that belong to it. Pretty neat.

Next Steps

Per usual, I love working with Andres and the ALTO Visuals team, so throwing this together was a blast. We have more projects in the works and I am excited to share them once they are completed.

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Andres O'Beirne