The Hails are an indie pop band quickly gaining popularity and traction with some of their top tracks grossing over 2 million plays. Their music is perfect for being stuck in traffic after a long day or jamming with your friends at the beach.

The Goal

The Hails came to me with one goal: transfer our website from Squarespace to Webflow as fast as possible. The main reason for transferring was because they preferred Webflow's e-commerce management and checkout compared to Squarespace. They loved the design of their Squarespace site but simply wanted a different platform so I rebuilt their website in Webflow.

The Project

Since their main priority was speed and their website was only one page, I was able to finish rebuilding and transferring their website over with in 1 day. This was the final product:

The Future

The project went swimmingly and working with The Hails was such a treat. I look forward to working with them on future projects and helping them succeed in creating awesome music.

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The Hails