NOMO is a collection of 4 rag-tag up and coming indie artists from Orange County, California. Jason, Jack, Nav, and Noona create sensational, groovy music and an electric live performance.

The Goal

The NOMO band is making a name for themselves as they grow in popularity. They needed a website to channel their fandom and connect with their followers. The NOMO team hired ALTO Visuals and @karocrafts to design their website and me to build out the design on Webflow

The Project

On our first round of development we built the website hard coded with HTML and Bootstrap deployed on Github and Netlify. However, after deciding that we wanted to transfer to a platform that would enable their manager to update upcoming shows and pictures, we decided to switch over the Webflow.

The overall layout and sitemap was quite straight-forward. Nothing to crazy or complicated. Most of the unique parts of this website are made of graphics that were pre-designed by @karocrafts. So the nomies page and the about us page is really just images layered on top of each other by manipulating the z-index.

The Future

I had a blast working with NOMO, ALTO Visuals, and @karocrafts on building this website. I am content that I was able to set NOMO up with the platform to succeed and of course I am only a text/phone call away if they every need help managing their website.

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