The National Mining Museum is a historical museum located in Leadville, Colorado. For decades it has chronicled the entire history of the mining industry in America and has long deserved a website that fits their needs.

The Goal

I am so grateful that I got the opportunity to redesign and build the the National Mining Museum website with Memento. Memento is a well established marketing agency and a creative powerhouse when it comes to web design work. I worked with talented designer Kevin Rieck on establishing the design and layout in Figma and then got to work building out the site on Webflow.

The Project

This website has over 20+ unique pages, an online store, a blog, hall of fame database, and dozens of complex reusable components. Building this website was no easy task and to date it is one of the most complex and involved websites that I have built on Webflow.

For design inspiration we used several popular Webflow templates to source most of the layout for the reusable components. However, every element that was cloned from another template had to be restyled, renamed, and tweaked to fit the overall design. The two most popular templates we used were the Hotel template and the Biznus template. Here is what the two templates look like:

Together, these two template informed our design process and eventually helped us to produce this:

The most challenging part of the whole build process was definitely making the website responsive. There were a lot of little styling effects that went haywire when we began to adapt the design to smaller screen sizes. It took considerable tweaking and manipulation to produce a design that looked beautiful on desktop and mobile.

Wrapping Up

Before handing the project off to the National Mining Museum team, we wrapped up the final touches on the design and added plenty of subtle scrolling and hover animations to bring the website to life. This website will need considerable upkeep considering the several CMS collections that manage the content on the database and online store, so I'm sure I will be involved with this website in the near future by helping the Museum's website team manage and grow their website.

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