The Umansky Auto Group serves to deliver world-class customer service, offer a luxury experience to their clients and provide support and leadership to the communities in which they serve. Customers are the lifeblood of their business, and they have a lot of blood.

The Goal

The ALTO Visuals team approached me and asked for my assistance in developing an incredibly custom and luxurious design for the Umansky Auto Group and I could not refuse. From the start, the user experience was put front and center and everything else fell into place. Together we turned a stunning design into an even more stunning website.

The Project

Based on the original design we began with, we defined some key features to be implemented on the website. We wanted the entire brand and dealership information to be located in a CMS so that the Umansky Auto Group could easily update this content in the future. We wanted an integrated and detailed map on the home and contact page. Finally we wanted live filtering on the dealership page to give our users the most control over which dealerships they can see on the website.

Building out each of these features took some time and experimentation with different styles and formats. After all, there are many ways to build the same thing, but we were only interested in building it in the best and most efficient way possible.

The Future

It was a pleasure working with the Umansky Auto Group and ALTO Visuals. And I am extremely grateful to have been helpful in setting up a beautifully built website that all three parties involved can be proud of.

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